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Top-quality diamond core drilling. Respecting the nature.

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Reliability and respect for nature

Environmental protection is an important matter to us. We strive to work in ways that harm nature the least. We take environmental and seasonal factors into consideration when planning the drilling worksites and the work schedules.

We take care of the proficiency and environmental knowledge of our employees so that the drilling runs pro-environmentally from the very beginning until the closing of the work site. Our staff is trained to react immediately to possible threatening factors during the drilling process.

Taking care of the tidiness of the drilling worksite is a very important part of our operational principles. We organize the appropriate recycling and disposal of the waste produced at the working sites. Waste oil is collected to barrels which are transported further to our warehouse in Nivala and then collectively transported to recycling facilities. For the continuity of our business it is very important to look after fuel and oil safety. Our goal is not to let even a drop of fuel or oil into the soil of the worksites. For extreme situations our drilling units are equipped with oil destruction instrumentation.

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