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Top-quality diamond core drilling. Respecting the nature.

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Demanding work with special equipment

We have one Atlas Copco 264 underground drilling unit which is built on a tyre base. Our on-ground drilling unit is Atlas Copco U6 diamec, which is moved with a forest tractor (Valmet 820). The drilling depth of the U6 unit with B-equipment is 780 meters. All our units are wire line samplers.

As drilling equipment we use A, B and N equipment.

  • The outside diameter of the A-equipment is 48 millimetres, core diameter 30,3mm.
  • The outside diameter of the B-equipment is 60,2 millimetres, core diameter 40,7mm.
  • The outside diameter of the N-equipment is 76 millimetres, core diameter 50,5mm.

We use Maxibor-II deviation measurement equipment to calculate the coordinates of the drill hole path. The information is based on optical measurements of direction changes and gravimetric measurements of dip changes.

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